Rule Machine not executing "false" condition

I have (at least) two rules that have not executed the "Select action for false" condition today.
Both have executed the "select action for true" earlier this evening.

Firmware is:
Rule Machine is: Version 2.5.1/2.5.11: 5 Installed
All my rules were recreated under 2.5 when it was first introduced.
Both rules are simple:
1st Sunset + offset for both on and off
2nd Sunset + offset for true (on) and specified time for false (off)

1st rule controls a single Inovelli Dimmer NZW31
2nd rule controls a One2Many app

The event logs show the rules were not executed.

My hub has the correct location and time.



Please show screenshots of the rules in question.

Is that a rule or a trigger? What is the rule?

This isn't even possible to do in RM.

These have been working for some time. When I updated to 114 the unit locked up and I had to cycle power to continue. Bobby said it was due to some loss in the ability to download the new firmware. He also told me the unit for the front entrance has some configuration issue. I performed a Zwave repair. This was yesterday.
Today I have the issues I reported.
Accent lights is the 1st rule mentioned in my earlier
Front Entrance is the 2nd rule mentioned in my earlier

au contraire ...... see the attached :slight_smile:





I really need to see screenshots of the rules themselves, the setup ui main page.

Here they are:


So to test, turn on both lights. Hit Done in each app. Both lights should turn off. See if that works or not.

I can see a problem with the second one that may be a scheduling bug. But the first one looks correct.

Just do you know:

  1. Both lights went off when I pressed "DONE"

  2. The accent lights have a second rule that will turn them on earlier in the day if the day is dark (overcast, storm etc). However this rule has no off time. See below:

After some further testing, I can no longer say there is a bug. The test I ran a little bit ago was flawed. I just ran another one, and it worked.

The fact that hitting Done turned them off shows that at least the action part of false is working correctly. That would leave the scheduling part to check. What you need to do is to look at the rule app details page for the second rule between sunset and thirty minutes after sunset. You will be able to see the scheduled jobs at the bottom of the page. We want to check those for correctness. Also, have your live logs running at 30 minutes after sunset.

What I just tested was to see if schedHandler (which is what the scheduled job will be) does the right thing. It did for me. See this log snippet (with some extra debugging going on).

That rule was this one: This is essentially the same rule you are doing with different offsets, and sunrise instead of sunset. Both sunrise and sunset use the same methods for scheduling. I can test your example this evening around sunset.

Hi Bruce,

The 1st rule (Front Entrance) could have a device issue. I would not have reported it had the 2nd rule (Access lights) not shown the same results. BobbyD told me of an issue with the Front Entrance device which supposedly cleared with a Z Wave update. However in last evenings device events there was an odd result:

notice the hold^ and the 6.
I know the mechanical switch was not physically touched.

I will remove and reinstall the Front Entrance device.

And I will log the turn on and off of the 2nd (Accent lights).


What device driver are you using for these lights?

For the Front Entrance I was using the "inovelli-dimmer-nzw31-w-scene.groovy". I say was because I removed it and I am having trouble repairing.

For the Accent Lights I have two device types (multiple of each).

The drivers are:
Generic Z-Wavd Dimmer (plug in module dimmers)
Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic (wall dimmers)

All of them are controlled by Cobra's One2Many application.



The Accent Lights worked tonight :slight_smile: & :frowning:
I am going to recreate this rule just because.

Front Entrance switch will be replaced (physically).

Thanks for looking into this.



Hi, is there a pending R-M 2.6? If so I will wait and recreate all my rules under that version.


No. There are pending upgrades to 2.5, but no 2.6 planned.


days, weeks months?

Continuously. All of the above.

Seriously, there is no reason to wait. We will continue to improve going forward...

Thanks, I understand.

Question; My R-M main page shows Versions 2.5.1/2.5.11
Should I assume that every Version where there might be a backwards compatibility issues, is retained and used to run those rules created under a previous version?


Those version numbers are there just for us to be able to see that if you report a bug in RM, you are actually running on the latest version, not an older one -- in the case where a bug was fixed but you're on an older version. That makes it easy to say, update your hub, and the bug will go away.

In general, there are no backwards compatibility issues, at least if we don't make a mistake. It's been known to happen that we make a mistake. But, that's not the plan. :sunglasses:

With respect to Rule Machine in particular, version 2.5 was not made to be backwards compatible with the prior versions. However, old rules would continue to work, and were not affected by the release of 2.5. But an old rule could not make use of 2.5 features without being re-created. All new rules would be 2.5, with no way to now create an old rule. Old rules can still be edited and changed, within the scope of the feature set that existed prior to 2.5.

As Rule Machine is updated with new features, any rule with 2.5.xx can be edited to use a new feature, and all existing rules will continue to function as they were before the update.

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