Rule Machine motion trigger: if no activity longer than

It seems like lots of HE users could benefit from a RM trigger based on a motion sensor being inactive longer than a certain amount of time. If this is already possible, please point me in that direction.

My use case is for an air purifier. It's most effective at the medium to higher fan speeds. Of course, that's also when it's the loudest (most annoying).

If HE could detect periods when there's been no motion for some predefined extended period, that would likely signal when a room is unoccupied (and thus it's a good time to run the air purifier without bothering anyone). One could, of course, use the trigger of motion , during the day, to signal that the air purifier should switch the speed to the much slower (and thus much quieter, albeit less effective) speed.

Have you tried using the Simple Automations App? Here is an example that I just created based on your request.

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Wow, looks like it might be perfect. Thanks!

Another challenge I need to overcome is that my air purifier doesn’t speak Hubitat Elevation. It does interface to IFTTT (and/or Alexa) so maybe with that and a virtual light or two I can make it work.

Thanks again.

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