Rule Machine Menu Suggestion

Place a "Rule Machine" item in the HE main menu between "Apps" and "Settings".
Each rule should have a name that in turn can be used within the "Apps" and "Devices". I think that doing this would bring the "Rules Machine" forward, which in turn would make it more available and understood.

Rule Machine is an App. So is Simple Automation Rules, Basic Rules, and many others. What's so special about RM? Many people don't use it at all. Just my opinion, of course.

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I just added: "Basic Rules", "Rule Machine", and "Simple Automation Rules" to Apps.
Your input helps me a lot.

I think the best thing anyone can do to "understand" Rule Machine is to read the docs, but that's a hard sell (and I know they could be improved a bit). Other than that, I tend to agree with the above: it's just one of many built-in (and community) apps, and I don't personally have a reason to "elevate" its status more than any other apps. If anything, I'd encourage more people to look at the built-in apps first before they go to Rule Machine for everything (especially if they haven't read the docs...have I mentioned that yet? :smiley: ).

But I understand everyone's usage may vary...


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