Rule Machine Legacy Errors after bulb failure and replacement

So I had a Sylvania 73739 bulb fail, I replaced it but I have a RM4 item that I cannot seem to fix.

I need to replace Porch (C) but I cannot get past the error that is generated, this worked perfect so I really don't want to have to setup the separate button controller app for use with the "NEW" rule machine.

I wish all my hard work stop becoming "Legacy"


In case it makes a difference, can you share a screenshot of the bottom left of the rule that shows RM version and date? Also, what is your Hubitat platform version?

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I presume you have another working 'legacy' rule in your legacy rule machine. I just noticed that RM 4.0/4.1 stopped allowing you to make new rules, I saw it mentioned elsewhere that could happen at some point.

I've had similar things happen, and the only solution was to delete the rule and recreate it. Since RM 4.0/4.1 doesn't allow you to create a new rule, instead you can clone a working rule (click the gear in the upper right for the inport/export/clone option).

Find a simple working rule, clone it, then delete all the triggers/actions/etc so you have a blank rule. Name this and save it as Blank Legacy (or something similar), then clone it again. Use that to rebuild your rule. Assuming it's only three lines as you list, it should be pretty simple.

Keep the blank legacy rule in case you need to do something similar in the future.

I bit the bullet and converted my rules up to 5.0/5.1. Took a little time, but it was worth the additional functionality. However as often stated, if it is working for you and isn't broken (well at least for now), then no need to upgrade!

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Most times I got these errors I just had to rebuild the rule from scratch. It's not very big I would just move it out of legacy RM.


Another good point - if the rule isn't linked to anything else, no need to keep it in Legacy RM, just build it in the current RM.

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Yeah I did the work and re-created all the Inovelli switches with Button Controller 5.1 but I sure wish there was an upgrade path instead having to recreate everything as the versions move forward.

Yes - many have lamented over the same. However, as it has been explained, to provide the relatively simple method of creating very complex rules on the front end, is in itself a very complex app on the back end. With the significant changes in the RM app between major versions, importing/upgrading rules between major versions isn't in the cards and probably never will be.

If you're like me, once you've upgraded to RM 5, I've found no reason to go back to RM 4. If there's something that's not working the same, or just not working, then the staff is quick to jump on it and either fix it if applicable, otherwise help you create it under the new RM. While it was a small inconvenience, I actually was able to use the effort to review and improve my more complex rules.