Rule Machine Legacy - Clone Rule

What happened to be able to clone a rule? I had to replace a sensor today and I added a new sensor and my usual process is to clone the old rule and sub in the new sensor. Not ideal from a programming perspective - inelegant, but it works. Went to the main page and it just points to the new rule Machine app. Did this clone feature go missing, and why? It looks like it's preventing me from cloning or creating new rules?

I am not interested in manually migrating all my apps to the new rule Machine, is there an alternative?

Rule Machine was easy to hop into but I find it limiting in it's design and if there are major breaking changes I would be interested in alternatives, particularly if I am rewriting rules I am going to write it in some other tool. I see webcore, is that functional and are there other simple rule scripting tools out there? Thanks!

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It's on the App Status page (gear icon).

See this:

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Weird I totally searched and didn't see that post. Thanks!