Rule Machine® Introduction

This what I do to turn the kitchen light OFF after 11pm if it’s left on for more than 10min.



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Thanks Bruce,
I was thinking this was not going to work since I reverted my firmware 2/2 my lock issues. To my happy surprise both the cloud and local endpoints are working great. This should allow me shutdown the final piston I am using in webcore.

I also should now be able to trigger presence based automatons through tasker, since Life 360 has been giving me trouble this is doubly great news.

Thanks to everyone at the Hubitat team. Not that my opinion matters so much but, what you guys have created here in such a short time is very impressive.


@bravenel Actions are an awesome feature of RM, it has allowed me to create a rule once and reuse it multiple times. I noticed that actions have the restrictions available when creating/editing however they don’t appear to be evaluated. I was hoping to have a trigger rule that calls 2 actions but I only want one of the actions to run if a virtual switch is on. I would prefer not to setup 2 trigger rules and just use the restrictions of the action.

Any chance you would be willing to make this work? Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Restrictions should work for Actions if specified in the action itself. If that's not the case, it would (a) be surprising, and (b) be a bug.

Getting the following error with a rule:

The rule:

You didn't define the Rule, just as the error states.

A rule must have conditions, and define the logic to apply to those conditions.

For this use case, you should use a trigger instead of a rule.

Your rule is incomplete. Need to define the rule. Right now you just have conditions and actions for true but you are missing how the conditions are use to evaluate the rule.

Thanks, i will change it to a trigger! Im so used to webcore haha

I've just updated to, and still getting used to RM. I have set a a rule for presence and departing / arriving etc. as per below. This is triggering as I get the pushover message, and I see my virtual Cams switch set on or off.

However, the mode is never set to Away, and I'm seeing an error in the IFTTT trigger to set my cams to Auto detection. Now this was working earlier prior to upgrading, not the Rule, thats new, but the turning on / off of the Cams virtual switch.

Any tips for whats happening here?


**Edit - Current Mode has now just set to Away.

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I have recreated the rule and actions and now I am a happy camper. The action restrictions are working. Thanks for including this feature.

How can i check if it's raining with a weatherunderground device? Want to check if it's raining and if any windows are open.

Bump!! Knock Knock. Perhaps we can get the some of the netatmo attributes introduced into RM in the next update?

Are you waiting for this? The Weewx integration is so straight forward for Netatmo. All you need is a RPi and @Cobra ’s driver. I don’t even think you need a separate router like I need with my Ambient Weather Observer module.

Would it be possible to code a change, to select multiple audio players. Currently it's only possible to select one audio player. I want to be able to select all 7.

You could create a rule of each of your six other audio players and then from the main rule, select "Run Actions of these rules". You can select from as many rules as you have with that. When the main rule becomes false, use the field below to Stop Actions of the six other rules, thus stopping all your music players at once.

Thanks. All I want to do is set the volume of all my audio speakers to 20% every morning at 2am. I used to do this on webcore, but I had to remove webcore. Send weird to have to write 7 rules.....

They don't have to be full blown rules. The other 6 could be triggered rules. In fact (although it limits their flexibility a bit), the other 6 could have their tigger be the rule truth of the main rule. Then you would actually only need to stop action of those rules, not start them too. They would start when the main rule became true.

webCoRE is a complex rule engine. Rule Machine is more like a bucket of building blocks. You can make just about anything you want, but you have to put the blocks together.

This should be easy to add. Will look into it.

Super easy --> in next release...


Is it possible to get more than 10 SMS a day? Not critical, but helpful when learning and testing stuff. thanks in Advance.

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