Rule Machine Insert Before

As someone who constantly likes to tinker with my rules, I am constantly using the insert before functionality.
Would it be possible to add **end of actions** to the dropdown and keep inserting before until you select it?

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How about append the new actions then use Cut Action and Paste Action buttons to reorder them? Perhaps quicker than Insert Before, and more flexible. But you're right, an End of Actions (aka Return) action would be useful then instead of deleting actions we don't want to use temporarily we can just reorder them to after the End of Actions action.

Well as for the Cut and paste I would like to be able to cut multiple actions at a time. But starting off with a smaller ask :slight_smile:

Hi, i came from ST using Webcore previously. I must say that I was really a novice back then (marginally better now) . That said, I do find that I've taken to Hubitat RM much better and understand it's logic significantly better. The help from this forum and even the personal input from Bruce and the team has been amazing. However on a constructive note, I do miss the ability to pause sections and the ability to copy sections of a rule which were readily available in Webcore. Hopefully, these are options for the future :+1:

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