Rule Machine help!


I am trying to set up a rule that turns on the lights at around sunset, and turns them off around 11pm.

I have gotten everything as I want it, expect turn off lights. I have wait for event: specific time set up, and I want it to be 10:55pm. However, every time I change it to pm, it changes itself back to 10:55am. No matter what I do, I CANNOT set it to PM. Please help! Thanks

I have, for the time being, switched hubitat to a 24 hour clock and set it to "22:55" so... problem solved? I guess? I would still like a solution so I don't have to use a 24 hour clock though

As I recall, I’m out of town so can’t look, there is a selection for that in settings.

You have to click off a field in habitat somewhere else on the screen after making a change or it is not saved.

Just tried it. Clicking off a field defaults it back to what it was before, and does not apply the change. Maybe a bug?

Any chance you're using Safari and an older version of the firmware?

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Safari yes, older version of the firmware, no.

Can you try or have you tried another browser?

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