Rule Machine Help - Set Switch By Temp Range?


Sorry in advance, I've been trying to figure this out for quite some time.

Let me give you a description of what I'm trying to do here:

  • I have a Hue hub integrated with Hubitat using the CoCo Hue app, it's working fine. I have the different scenes as devices in my Hubitat.
    • These scenes in Hue are shown as devices in Hubitat as switches.
    • RED sets the color to red
    • BLUE sets the color to blue. I want it to always be blue unless temperature rises above 80F.

I want the rule to do the following:

  • If temperature is above 80F, set the RED switch
  • If temperature is below 80F, set the BLUE switch and maintain BLUE

I have tried quite a few different combinations - I guess where I'm getting hung up on, is the trigger event.

What's the best way to do this? I am discovering I am horrible with Rule Machine.


Iā€™m confused - can you not do something like this in two rules:


Temp >= 80

Turn on Red
Turn off Blue


Temp < 80

Turn on Blue
Turn off Red

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Yes. That will do it. I was overthinking it. Let build that and test it out.

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What about one rule:

Trigger - Temperature changes

Action- IF temp >=80 then turn on blue
ELSE on Red

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Genius! Thanks!

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