Rule machine doesnt trigger when app is not running in the background in my Samsung note10+

Looks like life360 doesnt work anymore. Can login and select my circle but the "places" seems to stop working. Saw few posts about it saying the solution is to login in the web portal of life360 and add places in there. But life360 removed that functionality last may 2021 i think for some reason!!!

I tried both the built in app and community app but to no avail.

Is this something that i should be emailing the hubitat dev support or life360?

So i was able to go out today and test the note10+ presence. I can confirm that it does seems to report the arrival event based on event logs under device if app is running. But the sad part is that my rule didnt kick in.

I just set it up today and it does seem to work.

This is what is see when i try to add life360. All ok except for places not populating:

Mine looks like this. Weird that you don’t have anything to select. Sorry I don’t know how to help.

Thank you for checking this on your end. I think i accidentally found a solution. At least for android user like me who's stuck not able to add place.

What i did was add someone who's using an iPhone to my circle. In this case, my wife. From my wife's iphone, there's an option to add places. So i did that. Right after adding it from her iphone, i went back to my note+ and open up hubitat and tried to add life360. Lo and behold, places magically showed up in there!

Hope that helps someone who's in the same boat as i am.

Having said all that, i have'nt gotten a chance to test this new life360 trigger though. I'm hoping it will.

Hahaha. What a work around. Yah Apple lol

You can test it by moving your home location in life360 to somewhere else so you are “out” of the circle. But I understand that if you have it set up you don’t want to screw with it.

Hope it works for you.

Yeah, don't want to mess it up at this point hahaha. So far, it's been working great! Life360 presence definitely more stable.

Thanks for all your help!

Cool. Glad it’s working. Yeah you want it be a “set it and forget it” feature that just works.

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