Rule Machine Dimmer Rule Question:

Hi all,

I am trying to create a rule that dims the lights over a certain period of time, but I want it to stop if someone brightens the lights. It looks like using the dim over x minutes action will pick up where it left off even after you manually brighten the dimmer.

Lets say every minute the light dims another 2 levels so it's currently at 50%. If I walk up to the dimmer and brighten it to 100%, the next minute it dims the lights to 48% not 98% like I would expect.

If I use the disable boolean, would it pick up where it left off or would it start over when I enable the rule again?

You're right, that once is starts it just keeps going until it's done. We'll look into some means of resetting it, perhaps with Private Boolean (so another rule could reset it).

I would appreciate it too if this were possible.


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