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I come from Smartthings and WebCore and trying to change the way of thinking to now do it in Rule Machine. Have few questions for when creating a new rule
1.- "Define a rule" option does not have triggers, then how will this be triggered?
2.- "Define a rule" has the "select conditions" and "define rule" fields and I found that they have to be always the same, so what is the purpose of it?

First of all welcome to the forum.
The first screen that opens when you want to create a new rule has 3 options.


First option.
From here in the first window you define the conditions you want to use.
A. B. C. D. E. F.
The next window is where you define the rule and you can use parentheses. (You don't have to of course).
(A & B) OR (A & C) AND (D OR E) AND F
Now you can define your actions for the rule being true and/or false.

Second option.
First define a trigger.
Now you can define the actions you want to do.

Third option.
Define a trigger.
Now define the conditions, rules and actions as in 1.
So if TIME IS 10PM then the rule gets actioned.

Hope that all makes sense.

A Rule is triggered by any of its Conditions changing state.

If you only have a single Condition, then the Rule is trivial, and must be that single Condition. So it autofills. If you have more than one Condition, then you would have to enter the rule with AND and OR etc.

thanks for the explanation but still a bit confused the way on how RM is structured, looks to me that is not needed to separate this way. I would say just have rules and add conditions where needed but not as a mandatory thing. I guess I am still thinking as WC user and need to test more RM to get familiar with its logic. Thanks for the help

so at the end in here a condition is a trigger. I would understand better that always there should be a trigger for something to happen and the conditions should be "conditions" that need to be met for the actions to start to happen when the trigger is triggered and if the conditions are not true then the trigger should not trigger the actions

do you have XOR operator ?? which is used when one condition is met or the other but not both at the same time, ie; if presence sensor A is present but presence sensor B is not present (or the opposite, B present but A not present)

RM is different than webCoRE. For a Rule, any change to any of the Conditions causes the Rule to be evaluated. Only when the evaluation of the Rule yields a changed result (rule truth changes) does it take action -- Actions for True or Actions for False depending on the result of the evaluation.

No, there is no XOR operator, but perhaps it should be added.

ok, thanks

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