Rule machine cron

Is it possible to setup a rule to turn on something as follows:

  1. on for 15 minutes
  2. off for 45 minutes



Yes you can, just start it at midnight (trigger) and do a repeating action for the minutes you want something to run.

Like this:

I think this would create multiple repeats though, when day 2 rolls around you'd get a second instance.

You can add a stop repeating before the repeat or add a latch variable and if statement to only allow the repeat to be called once.

You are absolutely correct. I am updating the picture in my original post

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I do it in RM 3.0 like this. On for 1 Min 15 sec then off for 13 min 45 sec

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Good point. You can do the same still in RM4 (2nd way of doing it)

The trigger is "Periodic Schedule" with "Every n minutes" turned on

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Ok I figured out how to setup a rule to turn on a switch every 15 minutes and off otherwise.

So I wanted to make it more complex and also AND that with the garage motion temp if it is above some number i.e. 76F.

I cannot figure out how to do that in Rule Machine 4.0.

Thoughts? Thanks.

Anyone have any insight into my last comment? Thanks.

Can you post a screenshot of your current rule? This way we have something to go by

"...Sorry, you can put images in a post..."

Do I need a certain post count or something? Thanks.

So, are you trying to check every 15 min if a temperature is over x degrees send a message?

Slightly modified, but that is what I am looking for. Always simpler than what I was making it out to be.


No post count required to post images. Here's a helpful link from the documentation on how to capture them: Capturing screenshots

Haha, I know how to take a screenshot on my computer....but thanks.

The issue was after I dragged the image to the text area and then clicked "Reply", it would give me that message.

I tried it on two (2) different browsers also. The images were png.

Did you try hitting the little picture icon or copy-paste?
Those are my 2 methods.

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