Rule machine conditions and definition

I'm new to Hubitat but I haven't understood how conditions and definition of a rules are updated.

Consider this stupid example

  • Bulb light is off
  • Temperature < 10°


  • Bulb light is off AND temperature < 10°

Then, if update the condition to be IE < 11°, looking at definition it's still < 10° and, if I open definition, the drop down where temperature condition was, it's reset to no selection.

How will be rule evaluated if I don't open definition to fix it?
Shouldn't be easy to put in definition just "condition 1", "condition 2" etc.. (maybe with a description of the condition but just for reference) so in case I change a condition I don't need to open and fix every time the related definition?

Or I'm missing something and it's easier than it looks?

You need to go into the definition and select the new/changed temperature.

Yes, that is what I'm doing, but why I need to open definition each time? Definition it's just AND/OR, not the condition itself.

Following the above example, temperature it's always condition nr. 2, so RM should update references to condition nr. 2 in definition, keeping the same AND/OR, without manual action required.

Worst case scenario, if I have a very complex definition with IE 5 references to the same temperature condition, than I need to manually select it 5 times? It's a nonsense IMHO.

Maybe RM code references the condition by condition itself instead of an ID? IDs should be used everywhere as reference..

Don't shoot the messenger. :wink:

Yep, for sure it's not your fault :grin:

But seems a very tricky behavior, so I was thinking that I was doing something wrong..

I know what you mean though.
Personally, as you have said, it would be good if when a condition is updated, the new condition value is taken into the existing definition field.
Hi Bruce. is there any way this can happen automatically or will it stay as a manual process.

I think this is being worked on, but in defining your conditions prior to your rule, you have the ability to add several conditions for one device. i assume that there's not going to be a change to that in the future. There have been several posts about it. If I'm understanding you correctly. If you're already in the rule editing it, then just don't neglect updating the rest of the rule.

When you change something in an existing Condition such as temperature < 11° instead of 10°, the rule will work fine without touching anything else. The Rule description will show the old condition, but if you just leave it alone it will still work, and the correct new temperature would be tested for.

If you open the rule definition, you'd have to reselect the condition in the rule (it will look like it's not selected), but the rest of the rule would be intact. Selecting the changed condition where it was before in the rule also works, and will then make the rule description be updated to reflect the changed condition. I always figure it's worth the extra 20 seconds this takes just so I don't go crazy later when I can't remember why the two parts of the rule say something different.


Yes exactly, I prefer to have a clean situation too, that's why I asked if it would possible to automate it, so I don't need every time to remember to enter in definition section, should be quite easy to be automatically updated.
Question wasn't related to the extra 20 secs that it takes to do the changes, but to the extra step that should be remembered every time

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