Rule Machine Bug: IF/THEN has no recourse if you delete conditional

Working with the IF/THEN rule and had to edit my conditional, where i wanted to go from "between times" to a single "specific time". I hit two issues:

  1. i couldn't really edit the conditional statement. So i did the next logical thing: delete and redo. However....
  2. after deleting, there was no way to reestablish the conditional without making a mess. Here is what that mess looks like, with no buttons to exit it, despite trying to add conditions to move on:

Delete the rule and create a new one?

Yes, I’ve run into this before as well, in a few cases just delete and start over

Did you try Edit Expression?

This shows up as a choice when you try to edit a Conditional Action. Once you are editing the expression, then you get these choices:

You edit Conditions separately, in the section below the Actions: Manage or Create Conditions. That's where you can change the specifics of a single Condition.

I've run into it also even when you edit it in this state it won't repopulate it.

as my screenshot tried to show, there's no way out of it. That conditional started with just 1, as described. all the other conditions were the mess i made trying to get out of the section.

Then you should simply delete that Rule and start over.

That's what I did. Just was saying there's a bug, that's all. :slight_smile:

In some cases - not all - when I find rule machine doesn't want to allow me to do something I can hit the *gear icon on the top of the page and select Goto App. Sometimes - not always - I can then go back in and make an edit and RM will accept it. YMMV.

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