Rule Machine and conditions....switch state

Ok Im still's my second day with rule machine...and so far I'm doing good. But I still miss my webcore.....

Is there a way to have a task only trigger if: switch one turns on and switch two and switch three ARE off?

This was pretty easy to do in webcore....but in rule machine I can only find "turn off" instead off "are off"....

Hope you can help me! Please don't ask what I am trying to do....Im just testing things at the moment.

I am really trying to avoid webcore, as people are saying its not stable/officially supported by hubitat....

I'm not in front of my hub, but assuming you are using RM 4.0 it would in general be:

Triggers: Switch1 changed

IF switch1=on and switch2=off and switch3=off THEN
Do things

Now, that will ONLY trigger when switch1 changes state... If switch2 or 3 are on and then turned off this will not re-execute/evaluate. If you want it to do that, add switch2 and switch3 to the triggers too.

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