Rule Machine Action to Check Another Rule Condition

@bravenel have you considered a new conditional action that checks the conditions of another rule and returns true/false?

My use case is this... I have a rule from the 3.0 days that turns on switches when mode becomes Day and has restrictions to only run between certain hours and only weekdays. Given it ain’t broke, I never converted it to a 4.x version. I travel a bit for work and sometimes get up before everyone else and sometimes during week I want to move house to Day mode but don’t want to run this rule. So I have another rule that runs when a virtual switch is turned on that runs a condition similar to this other rules restrictions and will pause that rule if true. Given I am duplicating conditions it would be nice if there was a rule action to evaluate another rules condition instead.

Know we have the ability to run another rules actions and it’s conditions are evaluated, but again this use case is to pause the rule if only the conditions/restrictions would have evaluated to true.

Thanks for your consideration!

This exists in Rule-3.0 and is called 'Rule truth'. It was discontinued in Rule-4.0 and later because there is no such thing as Rule truth after 3.0, since there are no 'rules' to be true or false.

Now, you could use a Global variable. Set the variable to true upon the condition to be shared testing true, and false otherwise. Then you can reference that variable in other rules.

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