Rule Machine 5.1 Issues

Come on dev's - duration option now missing in rule engine 5.1 and several releases (bug fixes) over the last few days.

Where is Hubitat's UAT?!

Duration is still available, it's under wait for rule now instead of wait for condition.


Hubitat has a few apps with the word “Rule” in the name.

You’re presumably referring to Rule Machine, so I’ve edited the title of the OP to clarify.

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Thanks all - the 'wait for condition' has indeed been changed to 'wait for rule' which is not intuitive since the rule is actually waiting for a condition. Please try not to rename functions as it confuses us mere mortals immensely :slight_smile:

It's waiting for a logical expression (aka logical rule) to be true. That rule may be made up of multiple conditions, parenthesized grouping, and logical operators OR, AND and NOT. Such a logical rule is distinct from a condition, as the condition is but an element of the rule. Granted, many rules will consist of a single condition, in which case "Wait for Conditions" was not right either. See this:

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