Rule Machine 5.1 ( Variable still taking over even if disabled

Had a rule that had a delay. Was playing with Hub Variables. Created a hub variable with a number value of 10.

IN a rule I had under delay, like this:

when I realized that was in "seconds" as per that screen, I only clicked the selector circled in red and it went back to this screen:

of which I set for 10 minutes. Didn't think much of it until I realized the delay was NOT 10 minutes. It was still using the variable and the delay was 10 seconds.

I went back into the rule. re-selected the variable option. changed the variable dropdown to "No Selection" then unselected variable and it now honors my 10 minute time. Just an FYI that could possibly be confusing for someone creating rules.

How do you know this was the case? Please show a screenshot where it shows this is the delay. Once you turned of the "Set delay seconds from variable toggle", it should not use the variable value, even though it still has the variable in the settings.

I know because my garage door shut 10 seconds after I opened it rather than 10 minutes. I changed the rule as described above and tested and it worked.

Here I just recreated the scenario with this. I did the same exact thing I described above.

I just hit run actions

Here is the logs. The second run at 7:19:37 shows in the logs the correct "delay" of 1 minute but the delay was only 10 seconds.

and then I went back in, checked use variable, the removed the variable and now it runs right.

OK, I'll look into it.