Rule Machine 5.0 paused state not visible in GUI main panel

Changing over some of my rules to 5.0 so I can use the predicate feature (super cool), and I noticed that when I have paused rules the paused state is not displayed in the main GUI panel. RM 4-1 and older show (Paused) in red next to the rule name, but in RM 5 there's nothing. If I click on the rule to view it, the paused state is indicated within the rule... it's just a cosmetic complaint on the main GUI, really. Any chance of restoring the paused state indicator in the main GUI?

Edit: I should note that (Predicate false) does show up in the main GUI panel, just not (Paused).

I've noticed this, too. It seems to show up eventually, though.

There is a conflict that I need to resolve about how this works as between Predicate Conditions and Paused. Known issue.