Rule Machine 4.0 Conditional App question?

Sunrise (and sunset) times vary about 3 hours between winter and summer here. I would like to switch an outdoor light:

ON - at 6:15AM, but only if it is still dark outside, then
OFF - when it becomes light outside, regardless of the time,
OFF - at 7:00AM, regardless if it is still dark outside.

I will determine the "Dark" and "Light" states based on an offset from sunrise (or maybe even as determined by an illuminence sensor). I would also want to do a similar set up for turning the light on and off in the evening - but I would expect it would be a simple variation of the above

An example would be a great help - thanks!

If you're using sunset and not "real" illuminance, I'm not sure you need Rule 4.0 for this. Simple Automation Rules (formerly called Simple Lighting) would probably work without a lot of effort. I'd use a few "rules," one for on:

and two others, one that turns off at sunrise (no restrictions) and another that turns off at 7:00 AM (also with no restrictions), though you can adjust everything here or combine/separate according to your preferences. (I have a restriction above so it will only turn on at 6:15 AM if it is still before sunrise.)

SAR can't handle illuminance, so you would need Rule Machine (or another app) for that. (EDIT: Guess it can and I've just never tried! See below.) But if you don't have that already, I figure no sense to make things more complicated than they need to be. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response. I'll look into that. There seem to be so many things that can be done, I get lost in all the possibilities. I have the sensor, as I thought it would be the best way to do it. Thanks again!

Actually it does as I use it to turn on my lights based upon a Lux value from my outdoor Hue motion. Then I have a restriction to only turn on between certain times.

Nice! I didn't see this option on the hub I was looking at because I don't have an illuminance sensor on that hub, and I guess SAR tries to be smart and hide things you can't use (fancy built-in apps...). :slight_smile: That should make things easier for the OP.

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