Rule Logging: Events vs App Events

What's the difference between Logging Events and App Events?


"Events" writes an entry to "Logs" any time a trigger event happens. This entry will contain the name of the rule and a description of the event (e.g., "My Rule Name event: Basement Door Contact Sensor open").

While you didn't ask, this feeds into the next answer: "Triggers" writes a log entry any time the rule was triggered. (In this sense, it's a less specific version of the previous logging--a "when" but not also a "what.") Both of these are actual logs, i.e., under "Logs."

If you see "App Events," you must be looking at an old Rule version. This is no longer available in 5.1. But what it does is writes to the "Events" on the app (accessible from the "Events" button on the gear/"App Status" page) both of the above. In very old Rule versions, this was enabled by "default" (actually, not changeable); it became an option at some point, and now it has disappeared for new Rules--perhaps because it's a duplicate of what you can get elsewhere, or maybe because no one knew the difference. :smiley: