Rule is true but nothing is happening?!


I have a dumb heater that I set to turn on/off using 2 Rules, if temperature is above or below certain number
like in the screenshot

it was working fine until today, the temp is below the set temp but peanut plug won't turn on, not sure if it's related to last update or it's something wrong that I'm doing
any thoughts?


If you go to the "Peanut Plug (Nadeen Room)" device details page, can you manually turn the Peanut Plug on and off successfully? If not, the Peanut Plug may have lost its connection to the hub. I have had one of those do that a few times.


Yes I can turn it on and off without problem. I do not believe it lost the connection


If you create a simple rule with a virtual switch as the condition, can you turn on the Peanut plug?


Try convert the rule to a "triggered rule". Use the same condition for the trigger as you have on "select conditions". Do the same with the other rule you have to turn off the plug.


I'm not sure what this will accomplish?

OP, what does the events page of your rule say? We need to figure out if the command was sent and the plug didn't turn on, or if the rule never sent the command to begin with before deciding next steps.


Had the same issue with my virtual thermostats. Action worked when i made it, but when rule changed, nothing happened. Changed it to a triggered rule, and been working since.


I made a post about it also:


From that post, you were comparing a device attribute against a device attribute, and it sounds like there may have been a bug with that. It doesn't match this use case, where a device is being compared against a fixed value.

The normal rule above would only send the on commands when the truth changed from false to true. If it was changed to a triggered rule, it would send the on commands every time the temperature updated and it was below 68 degrees. The net result may be the same (commanding a device on when it's already on doesn't hurt) but that's a lot of unnecessary commands being thrown around.

This is a pretty basic rule, so I think we need to figure out exactly what's happening rather than trying to change the execution strategy.


Yeah, it makes no sense. The Peanut Plug is suspect. I just tried the exact rule and it works fine.
@anis_ber, If your temp is 68 or below and you change the action to something else, like another light or a virtual switch, it should turn on as soon as you click "Done".


@anis_ber, I also want to add that you should only be using this with a heater that has all it's over-temp safety mechanisms fully functional. Automations can fail for one reason or another, so a heater could cause a fire if it's safety mechanisms were not operational.


On a side note - Have you been editing the rule definitions/conditions? I have messed things up big time when adding or removing things in those sections. Recommend when changing conditions to remove the rule definition completely and start over. The rules seem a little finicky in this regard.


Very true. If it doesn't work when you think it should, delete it and re-create from scratch. Especially true if you have been editing/adding/removing/messing with the conditions.


what do you mean by safety mechanism. it's vornado heater so I guess it's compliant with standards!


I think that was the issue, I deleted the rule and made a new one and it's working so far, lets see what happen after 8pm when it's due
I also noticed sometimes when you click on a device, you see the rule where it's used and you see some rules that you never set up, I mean you did start but you never finished or saved, sometimes rule gets saved even though you aborted it for whatever reason (mistake...) and you never saved (click done), somehow it's still gets saved in the hub
Anybody else noticed that


Yes, this has been the case from day 1. As per HEsupport, the hub should purge those automatically in time.


Great to hear. DIdn't know what you meant by

Just don't want to hear about anyone getting hurt, that's all.


nothing happened again after 8pm even though the rule was saying True, I believe this time I know why. the button (temp sensor) did not update the temperature after 8pm. as soon as I hit refresh (8:12:26) there was an event on the button (about the new temperature), then the peanut plug turned on
1- is that normal behavior that the rule won't start until there is an event created past that set time?
2- any reason why the button isn't updating the temperature that often?! I believe the smartthing button was updated via ST hub to latest firmware, then used with built-in HE driver


temperature 66.46 °F Button (Kitchen) temperature is 66.46°F DEVICE 2019-03-04 08:12:26.220 PM CST
temperature 66.69 °F Button (Kitchen) temperature is 66.69°F DEVICE 2019-03-04 07:34:48.466 PM CST
temperature 67.61 °F Button (Kitchen) temperature is 67.61°F DEVICE 2019-03-04 06:26:30.998 PM CST
temperature 66.71 °F Button (Kitchen) temperature is 66.71°F DEVICE 2019-03-04 03:49:00.208 PM CST
RM Button (Kitchen) temperature 67.86 2019-03-04 08:13:18.158 PM CST
RM Nadeen Heater ON 8pm-6pm is now True 2019-03-04 08:12:26.640 PM CST
RM Button (Kitchen) temperature 66.46 2019-03-04 08:12:26.438 PM CST


Yes, because the Rule needed an Event to trigger the True condition. I believe your Rule needs to look like the following as this will cause events to fire at 8pm and 6am, as well as anytime the temperature changes. This will ensure that the heater comes on at 8pm if the temperature is below 68 degrees. It will also gurantee that it will turn off at 6am. In between those two times, the switch for the heater will turn on and off, but will run for at least for 2 minutes before turning off to prevent rapid cycling (adjust the 2 minute delay with cancel for the False condition of the rule as you see fit.)


your rule works like a charm, plus I don't have to add other rules to turn off. you rock