Rule is skipping actions


I am creating a rule that does some checking of WiFi status against Geofencing status. The first block of my rule appears to be working. However, even when all conditions are true for the second "if-then" statement of my rule, it skips all actions. Screenshot attached, can anyone point me in the right direction?

Turn on Action logging (and Event, trigger). That will show you what is going on.

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Yeah... all that is on, first block will work but not second. Just shows skips. I am going to clone it, back up and see where the issue starts happening.

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Please post a log screenshot. It will reveal what is happening.

Your logic in that first IF is False. There is a disagreement between WiFi presence and Life360 presence, evidently.

Perhaps, if you examine the device pages for those 4 things, you will see why.

It's basically saying that neither WiFi presence is present, and at least one Life360 present IS present.

The logic in the first IF should be false in the situation for which I was testing.

The second statement is true. I have the "end if" separating my first and second statement, my thought being that each statement is its own set of instructions. Am I not separating the statements out correctly? Should I be using an "else-if?"

You can see the nesting. Your first IF-THEN is swallowing all that follows. I think you are either missing an END-IF or an ELSE-IF.

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10-4, I think I see. If both statements are false, then all actions following are swallowed, I will play tomorrow and report back. My wife is currently going to kill me, which I think is a standard home automation theme.

WAF is all important!


I would be interested to know how often this rule triggers. I ask because iPhone WiFi goes to sleep after a few minutes of inactivity and those devices likely show "not present" even when they are near the WiFi. At least this is true for my wife's and mine. I throw a third presence in there using the Hubitat App presence and then use "Combined Presence" to try to sort truth.

I can certainly let you know! The device driver I am using for WiFi presence lets you input a number of minutes before a device registers as offline. So, I have been playing with that for a week or so before attempting to write any logic around it. When I set it up to 25 minutes, I find that the iPhones check in enough to not send false flags to Hubitat. I think this will work fine for me, but time will tell.

Update- This was indeed a nesting issue. Thank you as always for the help.

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