Rule for outside house light

So I used to have one rule with variables in it, but at this point I want to have two rules for my won reasons.

What I am looking to do for rule 1 is:

Sunset -10 - set dimmers to 100% over 60 minutes. (Easy enough to do and I have the rule for this)

Rule 2:
At 10PM begin to fade outside lights to 0 so that they end at sunrise.
I can create a rule like #1 but it only does how many minutes do you want, I need it to be variable to coincide with when sunrise is.

Any thoughts?

You can fade a dimmer over time with minutes being a variable. Basically, you'll need to create a variable that is updated daily that covers the time difference between 10pm and sunrise in minutes and use that in your rule. It may not be perfect since the variable will most likely be off by about a minute, but it would get you close enough.

What @JB10 said here is how I think I would do it. Create a rule with 3 variables (in my example they are 10PM, sunrise, and sunup)
the trigger would be time 10PM (this should make sure your sunrise is the next day if you try this out before sunset you'll probably get an error as today's sunrise has already happened and the hub hasn't updated for tomorrow yet) that's what happened when I just tried this out.
(this is assuming you've already started a new rule or are modifying a current rule)

step 1, set the sunrise time variable to sunrise
step 2. Calculate sunup (set variable sunup, time difference between variable 10pm and sunrise)
step 3. set dimmer to 0 fade variable sunup

this should get you what you're trying to do.

How will it adjust now that sunrise is changing every single day?
Do I now have to set the time itself for sunrise every day?

you should be able to download it here Test.json

So I see this now, the time to sunset is invalid.

you may need to add an offset of 1440 (24 hours in Minutes) to the sunrise time so it's the Next day, I didn't get a chance to check on this last night to see when sunrise (hub information) gets updated, I'm wondering if it updates at 12am, not when sunrise or sunset occur. I wonder if that is something Bruce and Hubitat are willing to look into and changing

This is the issue. If I remember correctly, sunrise and sunset times are calculated just after midnight for the upcoming day. You'll have one of two options:

1.) Use the offset of 1440 in your rule and have the lights turn off about a minute before actual sunrise. Should be close enough for most purposes.

2.) If you want exact, you'll set up the rule the same as option 1 except make the dimming cancelable. Then add a wait for event (time is) and set it for 1AM. From there, you can cancel the first set of dimming, re-run your variables, and set the dimming process again to exactly sunrise.

As for asking Hubitat to change, I doubt that would happen. I'm pretty sure somewhere in the forums there is an explanation for why it is this way.

@jb10 I think your option 2 approach will work better, than my original suggestion