Rule for Open garage door

I'm trying to set a rule which will change a certain light a different color based on if my garage door is open after a certain time. Once the door is open and the time reaches the set time it doesn't do any thing. If I click Run Action when both conditions are true, it works just fine. Any reason it's not automatically running? I tried putting in a picture of the set up in rule machine but the forum won't let me add a picture. Today's just not my day with tech I guess.


Hi, welcome to the forums! Can you post a picture of your rule?

Yes, you have to be a member for a couple days before you can do that. Otherwise, if you take the DiscoBot tutorial you got in your messages, that should also let you upload pics right away.

I actually figured it out. I was using the garage door being open as the trigger. Once I used time as the trigger it worked just fine. Thanks in advance.


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Just to be sure: did you add time as a trigger or replace the door changing (or opening, but you probably want changing) as a trigger? If I'm interpreting what you want correctly (door open at that time or opened after that time), you likely want both and may have only fixed one problem but created another. If you got it all figured out, nevermind! Just thought I'd mention this in case you didn't. :slight_smile:

Basically my kids have a tendency to leave to garage door open when they come in from playing. The garage door could be open for hours. I don't care the the door is open, I can that it's open after sunset. Therefore I wanted a certain light to change to red if at sunset the garage door was listed as open. Now as it's written, at sunset it checks to see if the garage door is open and if so, the light comes on and turns red.



Instead of telling you that the door is open, you could also just have it automatically shut the door if it's open for too long? Save you the trouble of having to close it manuall.