Rule for deleting device events

I have a situation where one of temperature meters is always reporting 0 (zero) temperature once during the day. And that will mess up my graphics. Is it possible to write somekind of rule which would clean those error values from device events at some interval?

There is no way to remove events that I've ever heard of.

Working around this would likely take a custom driver that catches the 0 before the event is made.

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Are you using Hubigraphs?
If so you can use restrict events to stop it.

Yes, I am using Hubigraphs. Where that kind of restriction can be made for range bars? It is available for time graphs but in my mind not for range bars.

Ah ok. Because you were graphing temperature I assumed you were using a standard graph.

Nope, I am using following and you can see my problem from there easily, check bar labelled: OH

It is certainly possible; let me add it to the “list”. I am curious how many people are using range graphs….

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@thomas.c.howard any news when you are able to implement this for range bars?