Rule for bath room humidity -> notification to open window


I read through a couple of threads and I have a solution that is working (although there might be situations where it doesn't work), but I think there might be a better way to achieve what I want - would appreciate feedback :slight_smile:

What I'd like to achieve: Get a reminder (notification) if bath room humidity is too high:

  • if humidity is >= average humidity + 10 % of all the other rooms (this is already working using using Cobra's Average All app)
  • if bath room window is not already open
  • get a notification after 15 minutes and repeat it every 15 minutes until humidity drops below threshold
  • skip notification if humidity has already dropped below threshold (because someone opened the window before getting a notification)

This is what I have so far:


Every 1 minute


IF (Private Boolean is false FALSE) Exit Rule
IF (Bathroom Window closed(T)  AND 
Humidity of Bathroom Humidity(65) is >= X-Average-Humidity(50.2) +10(T) [TRUE]) THEN
  Set Private Boolean False
  Notify X-Notification-Proxy: 'Please open bathroom window' --> delayed: 0:15:00 (cancelable)
  Cancel Delayed Actions
Set Private Boolean True --> delayed: 0:14:00


I'd have the trigger as humidity valve so it only runs when humidity value changes instead of every minute

If humidity high and window closed , notification, repeat
If humidity high and window open stop repeat
If humidity low and window open, notification to close window , stop repeat
If humidity low stop repeat

As a slightly spurious adjunct to your post, I recently spotted this (just in case it would allow even greater automation potential for you!)....

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spurious adjunct? @Angus_M am I gonna need a dictionary?
:laughing: :love_you_gesture:

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Thanks for the hint. I actually thought about this, but unfortunately, we have a different kind of windows here.

@mark.cockcroft Thanks for your feedback - i'll try this. :slight_smile: