Rule firing too fast?

I have a rule where I am trying to keep the lights on for 30 minutes. Its turning off though in less than 30 seconds? The rule says 30 min I think but the rule fired at 6:38:15.317 and then turned the lights off at 6:38:38.390 - that's 23 seconds?

Thinking... what happens if this rule fires and then there is some more movement later but before 30 minutes? Do I need to turn on the Cancelable option for that circumstance so the timer in effect stops and the next one takes over?


You also need "cancel delayed actions" as part of the rule.

Sorry for the highlights, I did these for another topic, and I am feeling too lazy to do another screenshot. :smiley: Hopefully you get the idea from the below rule.


makes sense. thanks!

and thanks for calling out the "cancel delayed actions" explicitly as opposed to just the cancel flipping!

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I usually try to put cancel delayed actions first, or early in the rule. I think this is one of my older or earlier rules, but it still works like shown. It also may depend upon how you structure your rule where this might be best located.