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I have rule setup to fire with geofence, meaning when I cross into my geofence area with phone as presence device it initiated a rule to unlock door and turn on lights. Works fine except that it fires at random times through the night when we are home. Our phones would be home and on at 18:30, never left the house for the night, rule initiated at 23:00 hrs unlocking door and turning on lights. This has been happening since I switched from SmartThings to Hubitat, 6 months now. I have uninstalled rule and reloaded but problem persists. Any ideas

Several threads about this, but just using the HE app as a presence sensor is going to be problematic.

You need to look into combined presence and using a two or more presence devices/apps. I use the HE app, Alexa app and Geofencey as well as the WIFi presence.

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Thanks for reply. Am using life360 as well. It has been accurate in reporting presence.

You may have already done this, but I suggest not troubleshooting from the perspective of the rule and your actual presence. Focus instead on the presence device and what information it is logging. Only after determining for sure that presence is working as expected would I start thinking about the rule.


If you believe it's the rule, please enable logging and share screenshots of logs as well as rule setting. It is extremely rare for a rule to fire when is not supposed to. Often the problem is with the device triggering the rule and not the rule itself. See this document for ideas on how to troubleshoot and details that you may want to provide so that others can further assist:

Thanks for reply. I have been checking the devices themselves and they are reporting in the mode they supposed to, meaning presence does not change, have checked via Google and life 360. Example last night both devices are home at 1830 and remained there. There was no presence change, verified via Google and life 360 yet at 2253 the Hubitat rule fired within input from either presence device. This has been ongoing since I installed Hubitat hub, was not an issue with smartthings.

As others have mentioned, unless you post a copy of the rule and logs not much advice can be given

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OK, I promise we aren't trying to be pedantic but just suggesting what information is needed to troubleshoot this in a stepwise way. If you are looking at Google and Life360 data at this point, you are skipping a step. In addition to a screenshot of the rule, please post the events from the presence device(s) such as this ..

It looks like from what you posted the rule did what it was supposed to do. Someone arrived the lock unlocked. I don't use life 360 so why it arrived and departed is unclear. I have not used basic rules that much, but I think you could add time restraints to the rule. The bigger issue I believe is to figure why your life 360 is switching presence states.

Perhaps turn on logging in your basic rule and post the log file.

IMO I would never use a presence sensor to unlock a door. I know some people do this but for me I just want automation to lock things if I forget I don't want it unlock, for this very reason.

There are only 2 presence devices, both of which were home at 1830 and never left. The rule ran at 2253, but both devices were home since 1830.

Life360 shows accurate data regarding presence, no one arrived at 2253, we were home at 1840 approx. If phones are restarted then that would explain it but they were not, again this has been ongoing. Don't understand why as it worked fine with smartthings. Probably will have to delete this rule as Hubitat not safe in this regard.

Excellent. So you are seeing no presence events from either presence device anywhere near the time the rule triggered. Did you take a look at the logs around that time to confirm that the rule actually did trigger and if there was anything else going on around that time?

Logs show rule triggered and I was up at 2am and noticed that it had been triggered. Could not see what triggered it but was not our phones. Only have the 2 phones setup as presence, so quite strange

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