Rule failing after upgrade using Hub Variable

Pretty straight forward. I have had a rule for some time that runs that turns on and off my lights for my pantry. The On action uses a hub variable to set the light level in the evening. Nothing has changed but it recently started saying the hub value is invalid.

Any thoughts.


That's because 75 is not a valid color temperature. Color Temperatures run 1500 to 9000, and some from 2700 to 6000. So the rule is range checking the variable value and warning you that it is out of range.

That is the variable for the level not the CT

That's not what your screenshot shows:

Well please look at the screen shot in the one you just quoted. It shows that the temp is set to 2700 and a variable is used for the Level.

I'm sorry, I missed that. I will look into it.

What happens when you run the actions? Please turn on logging.

What version of Rule are you using for this? I would suggest using latest Rule 5.1, as there have been many bug fixes.

I'm not getting the same issue:

So I already thought of that and when recreated as a 5.1 rule it doesn't appear to have the same issue. This is a rule I have had for a while so it is using 5.0. this creeped up in another rule i found with a variable as well. Both have been recreated today. What is strange though is they were working fine.

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