Rule Engine Logic

Is there a way to see how the Rule Engine codes the logic? Its not working as I expect and I'm trying to see how it sees the logic in one block so I can wrap my head around it. I have two Gates that if either open I am triggering some lights to go on and turn red (simple automation rule) but do not want them to go off unless both are closed so I created a Rule Machine entry for turning them off.

I thought I had it so:

If either gate shuts consider that the trigger to see if the lights should go off

If the mode is not "no automations" and
If Garbage Gate is closed and
If Kitchen Gate is closed then
Turn the Lifx Lights to White
Turn the Lifx Lights off
Turn the backyard light off in 15 min

Right now even though one of the gates is open the lights are still turning off and the condition says its false.

Where am I failing?

The conditions below have to be used in Conditional Actions, such as IF(condition)THEN. Simply having those conditions defined does not introduce any logic to the actions.


Oy. I thought I remembered to do that... Think I have it right now...

While that'll work without a closing END-IF, you should get in the habit of using it.


Good point. Working nicely...

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