Rule duplicates actions even after I try to make sure it only triggers once

I know I should just buy a button, but I've tried here to make a rule that engages Sleeping mode by toggling my light switch. I put in a boolean to make sure it doesn't trigger multiple times and I also had it trigger with the motion sensor which has a natural timeout. At some point in the rule, it looks like it just decides to double up on all the actions. Weird results. I'm at a loss.

Edit: Updated the rule attachment. I had one up from an old webpage (I had changed the trigger from a switch off to the motion sensor)

Try changing your wait for condition to Wait for EVENT. Your rule is going to blow right through the two wait conditions faster than you can turn the switch off.

I'll try that. I have conditions because initially I used the switched event as a trigger. I'm not sure why event would work better, though, in theory as we can see that the rule is only triggering once.

I'm not talking about changing the trigger...i'm talking about chaning the waits. Just isolate those parts.

Wait for condition A
Wait for condition A

As soon as you meet condition A, it's going to go right through both waits without stopping. Having wait for EVENT means that in order to go through the second wait, you have to turn the switch off and then on again to get it to pass the 2nd wait.

But ultimately, buy a button controller. SOOO much simpler. And it actually works. The SmartThings button is only $12.

I think I understand what you're saying but I'm just clarifying that my rule is as follows:

Wait for condition A (on)
Wait for condition B (off)
Wait for condition A (on)

So if the rule blew through the first wait, it should at least get caught at the 2nd and 3rd.

This is a problem that I have with a few of my rules and I wanted to see if could get to the bottom of the duplicate actions.

But I think you're right about the button...sigh.. lol

The whole thing is trigger by motion to start with, which is just wrong. Sorry...but i think you should scrap this and get a button.

I'll probably get a bunch of buttons soon. I'm still interested in figuring this out.

The motion trigger has actually been more dependable than the switch. Because the switches would implicitly fire off the rule again and the motion has an implicit timeout which ensures that it only triggers once per period. I'm interested to know what makes it wrong.

Your also missing a END IF there should be 4.

Caught that last night too. Thanks

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