Rule dont work as I want

Me and Rulemachine are not friends...!!!
This rule would take 35seconds to di in a Vera Plus. I have tried several ways since I got my Hubitat 4 weeks ago to have my day and evening light routines but always different behavior and nothing works as the logic(my) says. Can someone please tell me why does this logic not work?
I saw on vera forum some people who tried Hubitat gave up and went back because of the poor notuser-friendly rulemachine and I understand them 100%

But I'm not giving up since I think the Hubitat has potential!!!!

Enough of that here's what I want:

When mode is home and Illum is >=2000 Run my Day actions .
When mode is home and Illum is <=2000 Run my Evening actions.

When I am in night or away mode and it turns to Home mode it works.

The problem is when in home mode and Illum>=2000 and Day action rules and the Illum changes to <=2000 the Evening Action does NOT kick in as its supposed to do...

What am I missing??

If you've been following the AND in triggers conversation, I think you might be having a similar confusion about triggers vs conditions... Let me look more closely at the rule before making a recommendation.... Or someone else provides one...

I think this might give you the clue... Again I need to look at it some more, but essentially the rule only triggers when the mode changes from another mode to Home. If you are home during the period where the illumination crosses either of the thresholds you have used, that in itself doesn't trigger the rule, the illumination is only assessed when the rule is triggered by a change in the mode, defined as the rule trigger event.

Let me think about it some more in terms of a solution...

yes exactly !!

There's probably a dozen way's of solving this, the simplest may be to move the illumination into the triggers (if you can) and have both a mode change or a change in the illumination trigger the rule, probably removing the need for the condition inside the actions.

The potentially more time consuming option, depending on your setup, but the better option in my opinion, would be to setup additional modes, I'm thinking a daytime and evening type arrangement, with night mode used when you go to bed.

I would then adjust the triggers in the screenshots above to use either the daytime or evening modes in the triggers and remove the illumination condition from the actions.

Next I would setup another rule that change the mode from daytime to evening based on illumination, again, assuming this is available. You could do the same for night mode to daytime, but I personally prefer to initiate that one myself, but you get the idea...

The reason I would set things up this way is to separate the triggering of a mode change and the actions to take when the mode changes. This allows for you to change or even add extra rules to initiate the mode changes, including manually triggering a mode change, without needing to redefine the actions to run when the mode is changed. Make sense...:slightly_smiling_face:

As an example, I can change modes in my house using a Google home routine that flicks a switch, I also have the standard mode tile on a dashboard, I can also do it using a number of Samsung buttons, etc. So a number of different entry points, but one rule to define what happens on the mode change, e.g. adjusting lights, etc.

Sorry to spam the thread... One other advantage I would see in this approach is the ability to disable a rule that triggers a mode change, allowing you to manage a situation where a device may not be playing ball, etc.

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Thank you for taking time... I will start to laborate

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ya the trigger with mode home wont work as it only fires when the mode changes to home.

Your trigger needs to be the illumination changes
then in the rule first check if mode is home

then check the illumination you want just like you have it.

you also may either want to get a ilumination sensor or set yours to not report too often say a high lux change or something so it is not firing constantly and setting your rule off.

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Trigger on both mode and illumination change, otherwise you are on the right track.

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