Rule conflicts

I have two simple rules set up when the alarm panel is armed to lower a T-Stat and when Disarmed raise the Temp. I also have rules to raise the temp in the AM and lower at night. I am seeing conflicts for what I think are the obvious reason when the panel is armed = lower temp but in the AM its also calling for a higher temp. Never had a problem with the daily rule only when I added the arm / disarm rules.

Is there a way write the rule to avoid a conflict

I don't see a description of what you actually want to happen, so I'd suggest providing that. Also, nothing in your first set of rule actions does anything except the first line--the remainder is just conditionals with no actual actions inside.

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Started with a few rules to control T-Stat Temps by time of day, Weekdays, Weekends & Nights.

The other rule and this is where the cause of a possible conflict is, I have a Zooz Multrelay that is tied to two outputs from an alarm panel, Armed and Disarmed. If the alarm panel is armed it lowers the temp when disarmed its raises the temp.

I think the conflict is when the panel is armed which keeps the temp low and when the time of day calls for the temp to rise.

Hope makes it more clear.

Yes, as written, your thermostat will be set to 67 in heat mode, Mon-Fri at 5 AM. If Relay 2 Armed turns on (via a "physical" event--normally this means toggling a switch in person rather than from the hub, but your relay driver might do something special here; if you don't really care, I'd use "Switch" instead of "Phyiscal Switch," but that's a different story), then it will be set to 64. There is no interaction between the two.

Your description of the indivudal rules is clear, and if that is what is happening, both appear to be working as intended. (That being said, I'm not sure what the intent is of the two conditionals at the end of the first rule; they won't have any effect as-written.) What isn't clear is what you do want to happen instead. :slight_smile: For example, if the relay is on, do you want the other rule to not run its actions?

That is correct, when the Armed Relay is ON, then daily rule no matter what time of day should not fire. This is the conflict I am referring to.

There we go! So, like me, Rule Machine doesn't know anything you don't tell it. :smiley:

There are two ways to address your problem. Traditionally, you could wrap your actions in the "daily rule" (the first rule) in a conditional action:

IF (Armed Relay is off) THEN
  Thermostats: Living Room T-Stat --> Mode: heat --> Heat: 67.0 --> Fan: auto

(I'm still not sure what your intentions were with those last two actions...they don't do anything as-is, so I've left them off.)

Alternatively, new with Rule 5.x, you can use a "Required expression." This will prevent the rule from triggering unless the expression is true. So, you could do this instead. Check "Use required expression," then add:

Required expression: Armed Relay is off


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