Rule condensing

Is there a good way to make a set of rules and then have them work across multiple devices without having to create an entry for each device?

Here's what I'm doing

I have scenes that are attached to Hue bulbs/groups
and inovelli switches to control them

when a switch is tapped, it is running a rule for time of day to set the bulb color temp

the way it seems to work right now is I have a huge pile of scenes for all lights and then a switch rule for each function (time of day/number of pushes) to activate appropriate scenes.

Just wondering if there's a better way to do this instead of all these rules and scenes. As there is a LOT of repetition in these. Would be nice to say, here's my main scene/rules, apply to this switch/bulbs.

Have you tried cloning a rule yet?

Yes, but still end up with a huge pile of rules to keep track of. It makes copying the rules easier

I have about 3-4 scenes per room and then the corresponding switch rules to activate each scene. So probably about 10 entries on the apps page for each room/bulb group.

Now when you don't have a way to organize them by room/group, the list is just a huge alphabetical list. If there was some hierarchy to being able to create a room or a group, then all the rules that fall under that room/group would be a much better way to help organize what's going on

But I don't see a way to create a room/group and then put scenes or rules inside it.

Lewis Heidrick (@lewis.heidrick) has shown examples of his devices and app naming where he puts an icon or two at the beginning of each room/group app/device so that they sort appropriately. You might try that. Here is an example of some of his app and device screenshots: