Rule check please - Would this work and is it and efficient?

Morning all,
Can I please get the gurus to glaze over the attached, what I’m after is
Bathroom light on and Bathroom fan on - triggers
Wait 5 mins , flash the bathroom light a few times
If the Rachael lamp switch is on wait 5 mins then turn off HWS if the Rachael lamp switch is off wait 3 mins then turn off HWS
Wait 2 mins then turn HSW back on and turn off Rachael Lamp


I am not able to load the image. You should be able post one directly in your post (based your account's trust level in the forum; certain new users cannot).

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Well I’ll be, thanks

The toggles may be problematic as there is no wait time between them. I would recommend adding some, maybe for 1 second? (The flash command could also be used, then send an on command after a few seconds. )

The else on the if condition includes actions that I think should run in both cases. I would recommend moving up the End-if to after the delay,

I would use Waits instead of Delays. Waits are automatically canceled if you retrigger your rule.

You could put your toggle inside of a repeat loop and set the number and duration that works for you.

Repeat 6 times every 0:00:01
    Toggle: Bathroom

You also need to move your END-IF to before Off: HWS. If not, when Rachel Lamp is on nothing will happen after the 5 minute wait.


I did consider that, however I don’t believe the Philips hue support flash, the repeat alternative below might be the way to go.

Will do this, thanks to you both appreciate the tidy up.

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Might need a 2 second delay on this, log shows it toggled 6 times but actually only flashed twice.

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Yeah, the repeat will be system/hardware dependent so you'll need to figure our what your system can do. I wonder, though, if you can use 1/2 second increments?