Rule Button Clicks/Actions

I have some extra IKEA tdafri shade buttons and I integrated them into HE via deCONZ. The button has two push buttons. I am trying to create basic rule " if i push the button 1 turn on the light and if i push the button 2 turn off light.

Do i have to create a two different rule for this? Can i do it in a single rule? Any examples would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

With Basic Rule, yes. But I might suggest Button Controller for this kind of automation, then you can do it all in a single place. However, either option (and many others) would work!


you could do it in a single rule, you just need to specify both buttons as a trigger, then have conditional statements in the actions

of course using things like Button Controller is a cleaner option as bert mentioned

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Thank you. Looks like button controller is exactly what i am looking for.