Rule based on offline/online state?

Hi community,

Is there a way to make rules that trigger when a device has lost its connection to Hubitat (offline) and/or when a device comes back online?

I have a bunch of Zigbee devices that are sometimes turned off completely. When they're turned back on, they return to a "default state". I would like the ability to make log entries when they go offline, and make rules that sets certain attributes to them when they come back online.

I haven't been able to find triggers that are based on the connection state of a device. Have I been looking in the wrong places?

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Perhaps the device watchdog community app might be worth looking at? Can't say for certain it will do what you need, but at least worth investigating I expect.

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There are some zigbee drivers on the forum that are able to recognize and report presence. If one of those work for the device(s) in question, you could setup a rule based on the device becoming present.

Note that the author is no longer on this forum, so question on it will need to go to another forum (linked somewhere in the thread...)

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