Rule appears to run when paused

I have z-wave switch for my front porch lights and a Ring doorbell. I created a virtual switch called Front Door Motion Trigger and an IFTTT applet that will turn on this switch when motion is detected on the Ring. I then created a rule that uses the virtual switch as a trigger to turn on the light when motion is detected.

When the rule is paused, turning on the virtual switch does not result in the light turning on. All seems as it should. However, with the rule still paused, the light DOES turn on any time there is actual motion in front of the door. I can't figure this out. Any ideas?

Is your IFTTT applet turning on "Front Porch Motion Trigger" or "Front Porch Light"? It would be useful if you could post a screenshot of the applet as well.


Any chance you also enabled this functionality with Amazon Alexa? I personally find Amazon Alexa much, much quicker and more reliable than IFTTT. You do not need to even own an Amazon Echo device. Just install the Alexa app on your phone, and then enable both the Ring and Hubitat skills. Create an Alexa Routine that is triggered by Ring, and have an action to turn on the Hubitat Virtual Switch. Be sure to enable the Auto-Off feature on the Virtual switch so the device is ready for the next event.

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Jesus! That was certainly a brain fart on my part. Problem solved. :joy:


Suggest you consider integrating Ring and Hubitat directly via the Alexa app as @ogiewon recommended. It will be faster and more reliable than going through IFTTT ..... (at least that's been my experience)

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I don't use Alexa. Still, how is that "directly"? It's still going through a third party service.

Currently this is the only thing I use IFTTT for. So far it seems reliable. This particular issue was a user one.

Alexa and Ring is the same cloud, whereas IFTTT and Ring is hopping across two different clouds.

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Can you elaborate? I do not understand. When you say "the same cloud" do you mean the same server?

Amazon owns Ring, so the integration between Ring and Alexa is pretty good. When I tested the type of integration you're using IFTTT for, it would sometimes take many seconds before IFTTT would wake up and let Hubitat know someone was at the front door. Using an Alexa Routine, it is almost instantaneous, and has been very, very reliable.

Also, no subscription model to deal with - unlike IFTTT's new Pro offering. I used to have 10 IFTTT applets, now down to 3 (Wyze Cams) as I am not willing to pay IFTTT a dime. We are already their product... I am not about to pay them to take my data and sell it.

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