Rule 5.0 migration - Global Variable Alternative

Hi folks, I am migrating to Rule 5.0 and just manually setting up all my rules as my global variable seem to be causing problems with trying to clone them across.

However I have one question for you very helpful folk. I have 2 truly global variables (The other 14 variables are all local to their own rules so they are no problems) So how can I replicate this global functionality that was available in Rule Manager 4.0.

In short I need to be able to reset a global variable every 30 minutes that exists in 6 rules if a local variable inside that rule is boolean yes. Granted i know i could replicate this single process inside each rule, but efficiency is the key and it is better that they are all linked to one outcome and not 6 outcomes. Any ideas, am I thinking about this too narrowly?
Anyone else had the same thoughts or issues with global variables being removed?

Thanks in advance.

In "new" Rule Machine (home of Rule 5.0), global variables have been removed in favor of hub variables. These can be accessed in Settings > Hub Variables (turn on the "advanced options" toggle if you don't see this). They function largely the same, except they've been moved out of RM and up to the hub level now, which I believe they said is more efficient and also opens up the possibility for them to be used in other apps eventually. Like with global variables of Legacy RM, you can use hub variables directly in rules or create connectors to use them across a variety of "standard" apps.

If you don't need to share data across rules/apps, you can still use local variables in Rule 5.0. These work about the same as before (except for, I think, the changes to what is now a DateTime type and not just Time). It looks like you've got that part already, though.

PS - There is no need to migrate to Rule 5.0; previous versions back to the original (even before Rule 4.x) will continue to work as-is, though you will eventually not be able to create new ones. I understand you might just be curious to try it out, and there's nothign wrong with that--just mentioning this in case there was any concern. :slight_smile:

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Brilliant, thank you so much for your quick response! That makes total sense. I couldn't find that on the forum, so thank you! Glad you put the point in for toggling the advanced options otherwise I would have been there for a while wondering where they were hiding.

Totally get you about RM 4, but my reasoning was if I do it now I can decommission RM4 and have everything in one place and remove RM4 app, but I appreciate that is probably not a good use of my time recreating all the rules, but sure will give me something to do tonight ;-).

Thanks again.