Rule-4.0 Can't Edit Restore Action

Bug C7 edit rule:

I have a simple rule which I was using to test the capture and restore function of RM4. I cannot edit the last line of the rule (Restore....). RM will display the rule, less the line I want to edit and offer Done With Action. I added another line after the Restore line, thinking that might get RM to edit the Restore line, but no such luck. It is apparently the Restore that is choking RM.


Here's a long shot, if you clone the rule, can you then edit the last line? Although you shouldn't have to.
And I also still have the intermatic controller HA101K, and it's pretty cool. Like a gigantic button controller. It may be old, but it's never had a single issue, it just works.
C7 strikes again?

Nope - same thing, cannot edit the last tine with the Restore command.

The HA101K controller was pretty neat in its day.....a little odd to program, but worked pretty well and had an astronomical clock IIRC.

There is nothing to edit about a Restore. except its Delay. You can remove it, or move it around. The devices it shows are automatic from the preceding Capture. Does your rule's pull down Edit Action menu show the Restore on the list?

Selecting the Restore from the Edit Action list will only display this:

The only thing editable is the optional Delay on the action.

Yes, it does show the restore line on the edit list. But if you select it there is nothing you can do except click "done with this action" . BUT, you are quite right, I cannot selectively drop restoring one of the devices, its all or nothing.

You should be able to add or edit a Delay. As I showed above. Do you see that?

Yes I do Bruce - thanks for pointing that out. Mark it up to a senior moment.....sorry to waste our time.

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