RTSP & http get requests

I am looking for some ideas to extend my camera functionality. Right now I have a webcore piston that acts on a series of virtual switches defined in HE. I have a series of Alexa routines that listen for phrases and control these switches. For example "Camera Wide" turns on a switch which executes an "http get" command in my QVR Pro NVR which sends a command to my Amcrest Pan/Tilt/Zone camera to zoom out. Similarly, I have a "Camera Hall", "Camera Kitchen", and several other commands.

The majority of my cameras are POE and I use QVR Pro to record them. The cameras are also all ONVIF and RTSP. I generally record and monitor off the RTSP stream.

What I would like to find out is if there are any extensions to HSM that might allow me to direct those cameras to take a snapshot and then perhaps email it with HSM Intrusion as the trigger. I have lots of HSM Triggered events in both Webcore and Rule Machine.

My question really evolves around whether there are any extensions or custom apps that provide functionality to cameras. I know this is a long shot, but I thought I would pulse the community for a direction in which to look.


Have you tried triggering off the HSM events in webCoRE instead of virtual switches?

@eibyer, Rey, The reason for the virtual switches is to provide a means to allow Alexa to initiate the actions. Yes, I do currently trigger off HSM switches in WebCoRE.

I forgot about this thread... :older_man:

What is an example of an HSM even that you'd want the camera to take a snapshot and email the image? I don't have the solution but it's interesting, it's like counting sheep for me at night lol.

I have Hikvision cameras. They have the ability to send a snapshot on motion detection, but they always send 3 images, and I wanted to crop the snapshot to show only my area of interest so I could have full resolution while keeping the size down. I have a Zwave motion detector near the door, so I ended up putting a cgi-bin script on a Linux server I have here and triggering it with a URL event from Hubitat based on the motion sensor (also on the gate opening from a door/window sensor I have mounted in a waterproof box outside). The cgi script pulls a single image from the camera, crops it and then emails it to Pushover.