RPi get Device states

So I'm looking at making a wall picture frame that has live google photos slideshow and have a spare RPi Zero W and a 15.6 inch portable screen. Was thinking of using it for a picture frame (chromecast with google has limitations for this and didn't see any decent Android (non TV) sticks that aren't boxes that are too big). An Android tablet screen is too small for this application (I'm doing that in other rooms, using Kiosk Browser for launcher and Fotoo for screensaver)

So why am I posting here.. Well I'm wondering if anyone knows a good way to get states of devices in hubitat to the RPi?

I want to turn the display off on the RPi based on time of day and if the lights are off etc.. Which is why I want the integration of device states into the RPi.

I'd prefer rule machine to be issuing the state change, otherwise I need the RPi polling the maker Api, Of which I don't know how to do in Raspberry Pi OS..

Very early days with RPi integration so maybe I'm overlooking something.

You can have Maker API post device state changes, that is the way people have events posted to things like InfluxDB. I'm not sure if the best option in this case, but I expect it will likely involve Node RED.

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Alternatively you could manage all the logic / rules back in HE and issue some kind of "command" to the rpi telling it to turn the screen off, rather than needing to send device states to the rpi.