How can I improve the response time and especially the reliability of the response.
I have a problem with some of my Aeotec Heavy duty Switches. They don't respond within 20 seconds or not at all sometimes. The zwave details show they are only at 9.6kbs. Is there a way to manually route them to get a better connection ?

And what exactly does the topolgy tell me ?
Also how can I get rid of the dead devices ?

A quick look - you have a bunch of ghosts (the entries with blank clusters) that need to be removed, Your mesh looks very weak so maybe add some repeaters like the Ring Alarm Range Extender G2.

There are a number of posts on these subjects on these forums you can check out to see how to resolve.


Yep, lots of :ghost: devices.

With some devices, you cannot pair them other than S0, but you should avoid that as much as possible. Locks and garage doors are about the only thing you probably want secure paired. S0 sends something like 3 times the traffic of other Zwave protocols. So you might be saturating your Zwave mesh due to all this S0 traffic and causing slowness.

There is a way to pair devices with no security with a Z-stick if the hub or sensor limits you to S0.


If I remove the secure devices and pair it again without security, will they get deleted in the rules ?

I don't use RM any longer but yes I believe so - some have recommended using placeholder devices in the rules temporarily then swapping back when done.

You might also be able to do a modified version of the Z-Wave migration trick as well..

Make sure you have a backup.

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