Router UPS?

I've had repeated success with the UPS for HE. Going local now makes it inconvenient for wifi to drop out. I also wonder if the the cable service is down just because of a neighborhood outage. I'm running a Netgear R7800, think this will work?

It won't for Hubitat, but it might for the Netgear if that's what you're asking. Check your power adapter for the Netgear. Is it 12V DC? (You should also check that the battery on Amazon can do at least as many amps as it needs, but I can't imagine the router would have stronger demands than the battery backup you found can do.) The only other concern might be the barrel size, probably 5.5x2.1 or 5.5x2.5mm, but some connectors will fit both and you can probably find an adapter if needed. (12V might be standardized on one of these; I'm used to LED strips where I prefer 24V but deal with controllers that can take either input.)

If you have a lot of equipment, you might also just consider a "regular" UPS. Or for just Hubitat, I'd get something else. There are some threads here you can find with some searching.

Just buy a real UPS. They are not that expensive for one to power a router and hubitat and have juice to spare for a few extra things.


What are you trying to accomplish? Internet access from a laptop? Something else?

I have an APC BX1500M 1500VA in the house powering medical equipment. The network is in a credenza used as an entertainment center. As a quick-n-lazy ups fix for the HE, I put it on a 3000mah version of the one above almost a year ago and it's worked out just fine during repeated power failures.

Ipad and Fire HD tablet wifi access to the HE dashboards, is my main idea.

OK, so at a minimum you are looking for router and HE backup. In that case I would second the idea of getting a standard UPS. If you have access to a Kill A Watt device it would be interesting to see what the draw of the router and HE are at wall.

I was wondering what you were going to do with HE when the power is out but then I saw your other post that you already have backed up devices.

I have my entire A/V and network on 2 Minuteman 1500va ups. I also have a Netgear 4g fail-over modem in my network. The fail-over modem was more important when I was with ST due to so much being cloud based. Now with HE being local, the fail-over modem keeps my Alexa integrations up and running in case of internet loss. If the power goes out, I have no need for automation as the lights will not work, but the fail-over modem and ups will keep my security/fire/flood working for several hours. I also have my POE security cameras and nvr on a 1500va ups. I can't keep everything running forever, but 3-4 hours is good peace of mind.