Router problem borked my Ecobee connection, now what?

So I had a problem with the communication between my Wi-Fi router and my cable modem and ended up doing a factory reset of my router. I subsequently restored my router configuration. Now I'm getting lots of Ecobee errors in my logs that didn't exist before.

I'm using MyEcobeeInit by Y. Racine and I have lots of rules already using the Ecobee and its sensors. Mr. Racine has advised me to remove all Ecobee devices and reinstall. But the notes say I have to unselect all the devices everywhere they are used! Am I basically pulling apart every related rule and then recreating the whole thing? Is there an easier way?

Could I restore my Hubitat from last Friday's backup, before when the problem happened? Would that solve things quickly? Is there a better way?

This whole thing makes me feel like Hubitat is fragile and it anything goes wrong, I need to call all the king's horses and all the king's men!


If you can determine the prior IP address of your ecobee, and then set ecobee to that value within the router config, it should clear up.
You can google how to reserve IP address in xxx brand router

That's the weird part. A lot of it is still working just fine, so Hubitat is talking to the Ecobee. But strange entries now appear in the logs so I'm not sure if everything is working or just some of it.

If I restore the database to last Friday, is that safe? Is it better than trying to manually undo/redo it all?

What has probably (most assuredly) happened is that all of the WiFi devices have new IP addresses. I’m assuming the app was correlating them to the device internally and now that they’ve all moved that table/relationship will need to be rebuilt. There may not be a manual method depending on what the developer did.

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