Rooms Manager with Rooms Occupancy

... tick ... tock ... :slight_smile:


update: i have moved one contact sensor and few bulbs in a bathroom to hubitat. have the rooms manager app with rooms occupancy device running on hubitat but device subscriptions in app seemingly not working yet.

will continue triaging till its all working. if this takes too long will provide intermittent update on this thread.

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update: ST issues the last couple of weeks slowed down testing the compatibility changes made for hubitat on ST. thats done now. testing on hubitat over the next few days.

update: looks like things are not working fully. posted on the developer thread waiting to hear back on some issues with a method. will figure out next steps based on the response.

Then ill have to wait to test it :wink:

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base features seem to be working. so will push the code tomorrow or latest monday.

cant guarantee everything will work out of the box, but can guarantee will fix anything you find quickly. :slight_smile:

been running one room with rooms manager now for the last few days … seems to be working as it should … except buttons. dont have a button connected to hubitat yet but will soon and get this fixed as well.

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How does this translate back into ST via OtherHub?

adding @mjw-tan who has been testing this on hubitat quite a bit … believe hes moved most if not all of his devices to hubitat from ST and using it with rooms manager and other hub in his setup.

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Yep moved everything over, working good but having issues with devices falling off. Rooms seems to work fine and i just modified the code a bit so the buttons work. Won’t work in ST probably though…

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update: [RELEASE] Rooms Manager app with Rooms Occupancy driver: Smarter Rooms

Hi bangali,

I'd like to request push and double tap support for switches that support it.
For example, I want to setup ASLEEP when double tap down. And ENGAGED when double tap up. The Generic Scene Dimmer supports these actions out of the box.

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hi doug … sure, will do.

Is rooms manager still being maintained?


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