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no worries. if you dont mind please take a look at the user logs. if there is any there thats not a jquery error … probably something i need to fix. :slight_smile:

did you install the rooms occupancy driver as well?


It seems I forgot to install .95 and also failed to delete .85 of the device driver. That could be my current problem. I'll setup another room and see if I get errors.

Thank YOU


no worries … just update the new driver code to the latest and save it along with saving the latest from both app codes and everything should be good … no need to delete anything. :slight_smile:


@mike.maxwell Is this being worked on?

Or @bangali is there another way of allowing the SONOS device to be able to do notification messages within hubitat?


@BorrisTheCat till HE supports sonos as a speaker device use it as a media device for announcements?


No worries, what's the limitations with that? I didn't think it worked when i tried

Edit: yeah I get this error

[app:8]( 19:47:59.470:errorjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command 'playTrackAndResume' is not supported by device. on line 799 (contactClosedEventHandler)


that was for speaker device or media device?


media player


according to this both playTrackAndRestore and playTrackAndResume should be supported:

so not sure why playTrackAndResume would throw an error. for the device please share a screen shot of the device details.


this ?


up for editing a line of code in rooms manager? :slight_smile:


yep just point and ill shoot :slight_smile:


change that:

musicPlayers.playTrackAndResume(str, vol)


musicPlayers.playTrackAndRestore(str, vol)

save and try.


no logs or errors and it didn't work but it did play the message that was last spoken or the last message in its track data.


but does not resume the playing track?


It resumes the existing playing track and that's it but doesn't speak your message.

ill try PlayTextandRestore


ahh … the passed in string is not spoken.

change that:

musicPlayers.playTrackAndResume(str, vol)


musicPlayers.playTextAndRestore(vol, str)

save and try.

EDIT: the params are reversed on this one.


already done and tried it, it does work but it doesn't restore the music i had playing for the test.

Edit: it does increase the volume speak then restore the volume though


while the music is playing please share the state variables for sonos.

### State Variables

* restoreTrack :  **0**
* restoreLevel :  **0**
* restoreURI :  **0**
* model :  **Sonos PLAY:3**
* uri :  **x-sonosapi-stream:s24939?sid=254&flags=8224&sn=0**
* trackData : **{"audioSource":"Unknown","station":null,"name":null,"artist":null,"album":null,"trackNumber":"1","status":"playing","level":"37","mute":"unmuted","uri":"x-sonosapi-stream:s24939?sid=254&flags=8224&sn=0","trackUri":"hls-radio://","transportUri":"x-sonosapi-stream:s24939?sid=254&flags=8224&sn=0","enqueuedUri":"x-sonosapi-stream:s24939?sid=254&flags=8224&sn=0","metaData":"BBC Radio 1object.item.audioItem.audioBroadcastSA_RINCON65031_","trackMetaData":"x-sonosapi-stream:s24939?sid=254&flags=8224&sn=0/getaa?s=1&u=x-sonosapi-stream%3as24939%3fsid%3d254%26flags%3d8224%26sn%3d0x-sonosapi-stream:s24939?sid=254&flags=8224&sn=0object.item"}**