Rooms Manager: Smarter Rooms: Personalized home automation with Occupancy


Well that is a nice simple solution! I just made the change and will test it out. I was probably overthinking what I wanted to happen and didn't realize it was already there!


Just wondering about the adjacent rooms property... I have the TV Room set up as an adjacent room on the Basement Stairs room, and if motion in room to turn on switches in adjacent rooms, but it doesnt seem to be activating the TV Room when the Basement Stairs room goes occupied. Is that how its supposed to work or am i missing something else?


no you are not.

something seems to have changed on HE where if you provide a list of devices to the subscribe command it silently fails. i have a fix. will push to github this weekend.

sorry about that.


Cool, that's awesome! Thanks!


Your weather (lux etc) program is a winner with this app.

I've just removed all references to sunrise and sunset, and set every room so that it turns on with a lux below 1000. Great integration Bangali ! It's simplified a whole set of rules.



@mike Did you just tie yourself back to the Cloud? If you can't get Lux, your automations fail.


cool. exactly what I do and why I put together that apixu driver. :slight_smile:


even if the cloud api call fails the apixu driver should continue to publish the calculated lux every 5 mins … I think? if not I will make it so this weekend. :slight_smile:


@bangali I can confirm that your lux calculation reports continue even if API calls fail. It's been very reliable for months.


sweet! prescient! :slight_smile:


@csteele to be honest I hadnt thought of that. However, something is not working with my sunset/sunrise automations (even when paused, they stop all automations for that room). As soon as I disable the sunrise/sunset component, the automation works as expected.

Yes, my location is set correctly. I've been in contact with @bobbyD and @bangali about it, but no fix yet.


@mike please see this … need this info for when it does not work:


So I am trying this app out for my office (first time).

I created the device, installed the app, created the room, hit save, then went back in and input settings.

When office motion triggers, the lights do not come on and I get this error

[dev:1636]( 14:53:20.452:errorgroovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: dev1540751396921778587043.setupTimer() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.Integer) values: [0] (setupTimer)


is the rooms occupancy driver installed?


Maybe post your settings? And try to reupload the app codes, might have missed something when pasting?


I think that is the issue. I created the driver... do I just need to create a virtual device named “Office” with the device type Rooms Occupancy ?


no you dont. if you go back in to the room from the apps list then go to view all settings do you see child device OK … or something like that.


Yup... its there.


ok. please check the device list is there a rooms occupancy device named Office?


Yes. And it shows as active